Terms & Conditions

Updated March 30, 2022

LPTC General Conditions

  • LPTC has the legal right to deny anyone entry and/or instruct anyone to immediately leave the LPTC facility at any time.
  • Anyone refusing to comply with our T&C's will be asked by LPTC authorised personnel to immediately leave the LPTC facility; and if the people refuse then the Police will be called immediately.

The LPTC COVID Policy.

  • The LPTC COVID Policy is shown in an image at the bottom of this webpage; so please comply.

LPTC Court Hire

  • LPTC will only accept bookings with full payment. No payment = no booking.
  • Bookings can be made Online or via Reception 93717122
  • Scroll down for "Wet Weather", "Cancelations" (this includes moving a booking), and Coaching.

LPTC Wet Weather

  • LPTC reception will determine if any court is unplayable due to inclement weather conditions.
    - If you are in doubt,: please phone Reception on 93717122 and ask about the condition of the court you have booked.
  • If your court is actually unplayable then your booking will be deleted and you will be provided with a full credit (It might take up to 24hrs to process).

LPTC Court Hire Cancelations

Please ensure you are aware of this policy.

  • More than 24 hours notice prior to the start time of a booking.
    - You will receive a full credit on your LPTC Profile Account for the cost of the booking being deleted.
  • Less than 24 hours notice prior to the start time of a booking. NOTE It is 24 hours, not just the day before.
    - You will not receive a credit or refund.
    How to Cancel a Booking Outside the 24 hrs
    Option 1 = Online and then click “view my current bookings” link (under the calendar on the right), and . . .
    Option 2 = Phone Reception on 93717122
    Within the 24hrs.
    Please phone Reception on 93717122 if you believe there are extenuating circumstances.

Coaching on LPTC Courts

  • Casual Court Hirers are NOT permitted to conduct any coaching, of any form, on LPTC Courts.
  • Coaching on LPTC courts can only be provided by LPTC Approved Coaches; and people having lessons with LPTC Approved Coaches are customers of that coach, so they should deal directly with the coach.


Updated March 30, 2022

Information Collected

Information collected by Lyne Park Tennis Centre is personal information, as defined by the Privacy Act 1998.
The data includes your first name, last name, email address, telephone numbers, postal address. Data for children in coaching/comp/camp programs includes parent/guardian first name, last name, email address, telephone numbers, postal address and childs date of birth.

How the information is used

Lyne Park Tennis Centre uses your personal information so you can identify yourself when making an online booking or registration, to contact you about a specific booking or registration or payment, to send accounts and identify your payments, and to keep you informed (if you request it) of events that may be of interest to you. Your personal information is not used for commercial purposes and is not distributed to any other organisation for any purpose.

Accessing your information

To access stored information that relates to you, go to the Update Details page after providing your log in details. This page allows you to change your information.


Lyne Park Tennis Centre site is protected by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer technology. This is indicated by the padlock symbol on your browser and means that all data sent between your browser and the server is encrypted, including your log in, profile and credit card details. Credit card transactions are processed immediately using a secure payment gateway to the banking system, so we do not store your credit card details and provide you with instant feedback on the status of a transaction.

ABN: 47 001 964 647